About Us

Quality Solar & Aircon at competitive rates

Owners Dan and Scott come with over a decade of industry experience. The knowledge and experience gained in this time allows them to make sure customers are getting the best quality for their budgets. They adopted very early on the saying “If it’s not good enough for our roof, it’s not good enough for our customers’ roof.”

At IMPACT Energy, we pride ourselves in the work we do and the personalised service we provide. We specialise in renewable energy consultancy and get to know our client’s specific energy needs. From there, we design and recommend a solar system to suit those needs, we don’t just install a solar system because we can. This ensures that every one of our installations turns into a growing investment for our customers. We only use products that are proven and tested to last the distance and perform the way they should, giving you a reliable system that will save you money for years to come.


IMPACT Energy was established in January of 2017 when owners Dan and Scott had a vision to create a brand of quality component solar installations and a hassle-free experience for their clients.

To guarantee the best solar investment for your home or business contact Dan or Scott at IMPACT Energy.

Established in January 2017 by Dan and Scott, Impact Energy is a passion project for two of the best solar panel installers in Brisbane. It was founded with the mission of providing its consumers with high quality solar installations in Queensland along with a hassle free experience. Dan & Scott have the objective to create a brand as reliable aircon and solar installers in Queensland and one of the best solar companies in Queensland for solar components and installations. 

With over a decade of industry experience as the best solar installer in Brisbane, Impact Energy’s founders Dan and Scott bring an unparalleled wealth of knowledge to the table. Their capacity to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality solar product for their budgets has been enhanced as a result.

It was a simple notion that made all the difference in Impact Energy’s success as one of the best solar installers in Queensland and it can be defined as the driving force behind it.

“If it’s not good enough for our roof, it’s not good enough for our customers’ roof.”

It is not simply a statement or an idea that we have tweaked; it is the whole concept. The approach that we have at Impact Energy is one that is proactive rather than reactive. It aided Dan and Scott in gaining the confidence and trust of their clients. 

At Impact Energy, it is crucial to us that every customer is treated equally, and we take great pride in our work. To ensure that our customers’ budgets are utilised to the greatest extent possible while also meeting all of their needs, we offer customised services to each individual for their aircon and solar installation.

We are experts in renewable energy consultancy and take the time to get to know our clients’ individual energy needs and goals. Unlike other cheap solar panel installers in Brisbane, we do not believe in merely installing a solar system because as expert solar installers we have the ability to do so; instead, we develop and recommend a solar system that will fit the needs of all of our clients.

Our customers benefit from this because every one of our solar installations grows in value over time. To make sure this, we only utilise components and products that have been thoroughly tested to ensure they will last the distance and perform as intended, resulting in a system that is highly reliable.

Impact Energy has outgrown its initial objective. Now, we are not only limited to the top quality solar panel installations and maintenance but now, we are also one of the best aircon installers in Queensland.

After gaining a reputation as the best solar installers and aircon installers in Queensland. We are now offering the finest certified electricians to take care of all of your electrical services requirements.

Our Mission

Impact Energy has always created a goal to provide the best quality component and create a brand for a one-stop solution for all of our client's electrical needs.

Our Vision

Impact Energy will not only limit itself as a company for solar panel installation and maintenance but we will provide the best quality aircon installations and other electrical services as well.